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As much as I would like to embed my photos into the blogs, I don't think that time will allow that. So, here's a link of my photos from my many adventures. I also have them on my facebook account.

Readjustment is interesting, but the best part is when people tell me that they read my blog :-D Thanks guys!


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a day later

amazing how the world can see things while standing on its head

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On Efrat, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank:

"One of the major reasons we moved here is because it's a great place to raise your kids."

Before I had been here, I thought that the West Bank was a warzone, as the media makes it out to be. Unstable, unsafe, and barely habitable for Jews. HAVE THEY EVEN SEEN THE PLACE?! I just spent the last night in Efrat with a really amazing family that took me in from not even knowing me. The mother took me to the pool with her four children after we rode horses, and she invited me (within seconds) to stay over the night--the weekend even, for Shabbat. I told her that I had plans for the weekend, but I would be more than grateful to stay for the night. We went from Tikoah (which is somewhat rundown, shacks in the middle of the desert, despite the great horse back riding and the community pool that made me feel as if I could have been in a gated community in Florida) to Efrat.

Efrat: a beautiful community, honestly, gardens, trees, beautiful houses, no homes, with an amazing view over the mountains and the desert. 10 minute drive from Jerusalem, yet you can see all of the stars at night. The family was extremely nice to me, treated me as if they'd known me forever and were willing to help with everything. I had a great time talking with the parents and hanging out with the kids and will definitely be in touch with them.

Here I am back in Jerusalem just one day later, my whole perspective has flipped around. This morning I went with the father and three of the kids to do Slichot at 5am, got to wear tefilin for the first time. I feel amazing.

Off to Haifa to see Dina and her friends, we're camping tonight on the Kinneret. Should be class craic!

Shabbat Shalom!!

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check, check, check

list of things i HAVE to do

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I'm checking a few off in one day!

  • Go to the West Bank
  • Hitch hike
  • Horse back ride

And that is my plan for the day! Wonderful, ain't it?

Being back here in Israel is amazing, it helps me remember why I love it so much. I feel so comfortable here, like I can definitely be myself without any extra stress. Israel is the best place in the world for me.

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back home

by home I mean Israel

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Hey y'all! Here I am in Tel Aviv, just done some laundry. What a relief to be back here in Israel. I've been here since Sunday morning at 3am, quite an interesting time in Istanbul, I must say, but glad to have left.

Well, met a few friends, nice folks here. It's great to just chat to people everywhere, find out their story: why people move here, how they feel about living here, etc. I have a lot to learn and many opinions and stories to hear. Yesterday I beach bummed it, quite a nice time. Then at night I went to Karen's house! I have been emailing back and forth with Karen for the past 2 and a half years because I thought we were related as she emailed me by accident thinking I was her cousin's son. Her cousin is married to someone who shares my apellido, perhaps I am related to them. Either way, it was very nice of her to have me, and I ate dinner with her and her sons, met her husband later. It was such a nice time, and I got to see how they live. Cozy little apartment, rooftop balcony was a very nice touch where they have many asados and a ping pong table. Oh yeah, for those of you who don't know, Karen is Chilean. One of her sons, Yaniv, spoke English very well (none of them speak Spanish), so we chatted quite a bit. He's pretty cool, and so were the other two sons.

Well, I am off to Jerusalem today!! I'm meeting up with Dina and her friends, then I am going to stay somewhere, wherever that is. If I am lucky, Barak will take off work and I can stay with him!! I miss my friends and I cannot wait to see them, really.

Home in 5 days, such a strange concept. AHH.


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göteborg centralstation

svenska, jaaa

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Yo yo yo my people! It seems Sweden has breathed new life into me! Berlin was beautiful, very interesting vibes in that city. I made friends with several Aussies, Vanessa in particular, go figure.

Well, I got on the overnight train, hung out with Natalia from Minsk, and got to Malmö. Who knew, what a beautiful city. I walked around for about 3 hours with my bag in a locker, and I had a blast. Beautiful buildings, parks, rivers, people, you name it, everything about the place was beautiful. I also started The Hobbit, yet again, in a cemetery. Beautiful cemetery.

I got on the train and here I am in Göteborg, of which I have no impression because I do not really want to leave the station in case I get lost or miss my train to Oslo. I am getting in tonight at about 2045 or so... I am so excited, I do not know what happened. Forget being tired of moving around, I am alive again, crazy!

8 days in Oslo and off to Israel, back to the motherland. I called some of my friends the other day, Shahr, Dina, Barak. Though Barak did not pick up, the other two did and we had LOVELY conversations. Dina was mid-sleep, which was interesting.

So tonight I will be with Seth and Max, it is amazing to think that I will be with people I have known before the summer again. Seeing people from home gives me interesting memories and old emotions, like when I was with Emily. I wonder what it will be like to see Seth? Either way, I am excited beyond explanation, but I will try so that I do not sound like J.K. Rowling by describing things as "undescribable" and such. I am excited like a pedaphile at a playground! That is such a good phrase, taught to me by none other than my wonderful Belfast amigos.

Oh, good simile I came up with the other day. Berlin is like Vegemite. Spread thin over a large surface, but so rich in every bite. It is very spread out, no actual center to be found, yet the whole experience is special and gives you so much.

Well, people, I near the end. Only Oslo and my week in Israel left, and back home it is. I can't believe it, I am sort of nervous for the culture shock of going back home. What are you like again?

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