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sleeping in a bed is good

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So I am in Madrid, the keyboard is taking some getting used to. Let me quickly get up to speed, if that is possible.

Israel was amazing, and I don´t mean it was fun and it was exciting, I mean it really felt like home. And no, it wasn´t just ooh Israel is beautiful the Jewish people are so happy there, it was CRASH a bottle was thrown at Aiden and I cause we went into the wrong neighborhood and THIS is Israel, not some heaven on earth for Jews and Arabs to coexist separately. Beautiful country, beautiful people, and amazingly spiritual and majestic experiences. I can´t do it justice on this online blog, especially since this internet place isn´t giving me all the time in the world.

I´ve made good friends, great friends. In Israel, some of the best friends I´ll ever make, be they American or Israeli. Best news is that I get to go back at the end of the summer. Leaving Israel, Blair and I slept in Ben Gurion Airport, went our separate ways into the Ancient World, I to Athens, she to Cairo, and there I was, uncontrollably smiling to the point of tears. It had been so long since I felt so good, and finally I was off on my own in the world to experience everything new and to meet other people who only know me for who I am and not where or what I came from.

Athens was nice, kind of unimpressive. A weird mixture of locals and tourists, and the tourist attractions are so disconnected from the locals. Everything was just a pile of stones, seemed dead, and they were dead ruins. Not like Jerusalem where the people include their ancient sites in their daily lives. One day in Athens was enough. Sleeping in the airport was, once again, uncomfortable, but I met a nice woman from Venezuela, got to warm up for Spain in my Spanish.

Now Madrid, what a beautiful and livable city. The architecture made me feel small, full of awe, but looking around I noticed that I was above average in height among the people. Churches are beautiful here, I took someone´s advice in walking into every church I pass. Plazas are very nice, great atmospheres, very green with trees and plants. I´ve made quite a few friends, most notably a nice girl named Nas from Australia. We went to Museo del Prado today and then into the Botanical Gardens. We then parted ways and I got myself a ticket to Granada for tomorrow morning. As wonderful as Madrid is, I think that the most exciting experiences will be those less familiar to me in Granada, as opposed to metropolitan Madrid.

For now, I´m going to look for a bookstore to find a book that will teach me Hebrew in Spanish--that´s so me. Until next time!

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the day after tomorrow

perpetual adrenaline rush

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So I should be packing tomorrow all day, hopefully I have everything. I have a backpack, waterbottle, power converter, hat, sunscreen, whatever else I thought of, I can't even remember now. Today I'm getting two bathing suits (you should see my current selection) and a journal. I want one of those journals that closes around, you know? Something small but big enough to last me a while. That's where all the juicy stuff will go ;-)

The weather's been great. Sunny, warm, never need a jacket, not even at night. That's how I like it. I understand that I cannot expect this kind of weather all summer, however, and I have to plan for that. Rain? I don't exactly have a light rain jacket, now, do I. Cold? Layers always work 8-) Plus I have a sleeping bag liner for when it's really cold at night.

I have to work out my logistics before I go. Steward's Enclosure Pass before Henley's? It's going to be tight, but I'm going to have to ask Emily to do it for us since I cannot order them on the move. I'm sorting out all of my information, as well. I sure hope Vincenzo will be in Rome, because if not then I'll just improvise in Italy...

Just think, this time in 3 days I'll be in sunny Tel Aviv...


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45 days

Gotta get me OUTTA here.

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In 45 days I'll be boarding that plane to Israel, finally! My trip's changed its shape a bit, some parts of it being a bit more planned than I would like, some parts being just unplanned enough. Looks like I know of at least two all-nighters in Edinburgh and Liverpool.

School's coming to an end, finally, not that this year was bad it's just time for it to be over. Well, it wasn't great, nor was it what I was expecting my first year at college to be. Either way, it's ending and I finally get to go away and start off with a clean slate in new places. I need that a lot, I need to meet new people without any prejudgments on me or on them.

Here I go, continuing this routine for another 3 weeks. I can hold off for that long. I need this summer more than ever.


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Some tickets bought, dates confirmed

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So I done registered for Birthright, changed my mind to do the Israel By Bike trip. Things are just cooler on a bike. Plus, I want to become a more serious biker. I came up with all kinds of ideas to bike across Eastern Europe to hit up my ancestors' towns and live out there for several months. Buy a bike in Prague, sell it in Istanbul? It can happen...

Anyway, the Israel trip should be figured out by the end of the month/beginning of next month. Then I can buy my ticket to Spain. I think I'm going to spend more time in Granada because my friend is staying there (place to stay and someone familiar with whom to share the experience). I had to cut out Sevilla and Valencia :-( The Israel trip is later than I anticipated, but hey, it's all for a reason. More time less places, right? That's what I should be focusing on. I cut out Switzerland, too bad. I'm gonna spend a bit more time in Italy and Berlin, though.

Did I mention that the flight over to Spain includes a night in Athens? That oughtta be fun, a day in Athens. After having bought some plane tickets, things are looking so good now. I feel like it's really happening, and I'm not just talking anymore. This trip, as great as it will be, is my first experience traveling alone for real. It is merely a foreshadow of what is to come.

Can't wait!

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Not sleeping

It'll pass

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Another crazy phase of planning, it'll pass soon enough, I hope. I stay up late looking things up, and it's driving me crazy that I still have 6 months. Well, I think I'm honing in on what I want to do and where I want to go. The first half of the trip has really materialized, thanks to many suggestions and a lot of research. Still not sure about where to stay in London... it's so expensive there.

Will I get to meet up with Vincenzo in Rome? What'll I do until I meet up with Seth and Max in Oslo? Will Rachael get to meet up with me? I think I'll be in Geneva during August 1 celebrations, that's almost certain. Either way, I can't wait at all.

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