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Pre-Israeli/European Adventure

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So it's December 3, '06, and I've got about 5 and a half months until takeoff.

10 days in Israel
3 weeks in Spain
To France...
5 days in Paris, where I meet up with Emily
To England...
5 days in London
3 days at Henley Cup in Oxford
3 days in Liverpool
To Ireland...
3 days in Cork
4 days in Dublin, where I say goodbye to Emily
To Italy...
1 week in Rome, hopefully with Vincenzo

  • *extra time in between**

To Switzerland...
3 days in Geneva (yeah, during August 1), where I hopefully meet up with Rachael
To Germany...
3 days in Berlin
To Denmark... (perhaps)
3 days in Copenhagen
To Sweden...
3 days in Stockholm, where I would say goodbye to Rachael
To Norway...
1 week in Oslo, with Max and Seth
To Israel...
4 days wherever.

All of this is still rough, and any suggestions are more than welcome. I'll be updating as the trip is closer and my plans get more finite. But that's pretty close to what may happen.

I can barely contain my excitement.

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