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he vuelto!

after a slight vacation from myself

sunny 35 °C
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Hey guys, I'm so sorry about that. I'm back, for real. Thanks Jackie!

So I got a new journal and it's great. Valencia is really a beautiful city, and we're having a nice time. I think my friends smoke a lot, though.

We slept on the beach last night, beautiful moon rose over the water and then we just enjoyed ourselves in the night time. The beach never sleeps in Valencia, but I managed to for about 5 hours or so before we went back at 6am this morning. It was pretty nice, save a few minor incidents that only added to the excitement (harassment by some gitanos, awakening a raging giant and such).

Tomorrow I leave this town after 9 nights here. I'm off to Barcelona, finally. Second time around I'm actually going to make it. Well, Seth is in Oslo with Max, and we spoke on the phone this morning. It was nice to hear them together again, I think they'll have fun and when I get there it'll be class craic.

Although I am enjoying myself, I am ready for this year to begin. I have a lot on my mind that I need to sort out in my own country, the United States of America. It's easy to come up with ideas while abroad, but which ones are sane and which ones are going to appeal to me most in my element? It's hard to say, which is why this year will be so important for me.

Take care, everyone, and I'll be updating soon. I'm excited to be a tourist again.

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smile, you're in valencia

well i am

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Hey everyone! Inspiration from Jackie and here I am, chatting to her on MSN and updating my blog.

I'm in Valencia, and I forget where I last left you all. Well, I stayed in Portugal for much longer than I expected, but I loved it. Made some great friends, you know some of the random few you come across on travels that you know you'll stay in touch with forever. I got myself back to Madrid, got Harry Potter, got a Spanish phone, and got to Valencia to meet back up with James and Beth finally. We're here, enjoying ourselves and not doing anything too exerting. Ahh.. relaxing.

On Monday I head to Germany then to Oslo to see Seth and Max! Wonderful stuff, really class craic. Then to Israel, I need to go back.

Really not sure what to say right now. I finished my journal, no more room in it. I should get another one but I'm thinking maybe not... It's really interesting stuff, all kinds of ideas going through it and changing and evolving. I'm kind of pathetic at times, haha. It's okay.

Everyone take care.

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Sunshine and Castles

what a combination

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Hey all, here I am in Lisbon still, heading down to Lagos tomorrow. The castles in Sintra and in Lisbon proper are great, and the weather here is simply perfect. I can't wait to get down to the beach tomorrow and stay there for 5 days ahhh...

But 5 days isn't all, I'm going to be spending the next few weeks on beaches until I go to Berlin on August 9. Yup, that's right. Tuesday I take the bus over to Sevilla and figure stuff out until I head out the next day, maybe to Gibraltar or nearby. I'd love to spend a day on Gibraltar and check that out. I then want to go along the southern coast all the way to Barcelona, perhaps checking out Malaga or Tenerife, or both, or just see where I end up.

How am I getting there?? Maybe I'll rent a scooter, that's the ideal plan... Wish me luck everyone, and please keep in touch. Anyone email me if you want my mobile number, and if I get a new one I'll keep you all posted. Obrigado!

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the land of obrigado

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Well I dont remember where I left you all, but Ireland is beautiful. Emily and I spent our last few days there in the south with Aunt Suzy and Seany, and it was amazing. Suzy left our second day at her house, but Seany took us to their house by the sea near Alihies on Sunday and it was amazing. What a life.

After a great allnighter in Dublin Airport with some girls we met from Indiana, we went our separate ways. We had a really nice time together, lots coming up for both of us. I had a really delirious day getting on the plane to Porto, taking the train to Lisbon, and finding my hostel. Nice city, beautiful. Tiles on the buildings, what an amazing concept!

Ive met a bunch of people here, moving hostels tomorrow, then down to the beach on Saturday for 5 days or so. I cant wait to just relax and read a few books. Its going to be so incredible.

Oh yeah, if you check my travel map Ive changed my plans quite a bit. Im spending more time in Portugal and then going into Spain for a much longer time, skipping some of the stuff Id love to go and see, but its just going to be too many plans and confusion. Taking the fast track to Berlin from Barcelona (plane) and then going to Oslo from there.

Keeping in touch with Allie, Dina, Seth plans to call tonight, and various other people I suppose in spottiness. Allie called yesterday we had a great chat, always great to keep in touch. Ahhh life.

I guess my life isnt too bad, here in sunny Portugal with beaches to look forward to. Until next time, my friends.

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No worries, mates

Everything's feck all..

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Well, I'd say that last post was a bit desperate. I'm okay now, taken care of. Tomorrow we're off to Belfast to stay with Emma! I'm excited to see her again, it's great making friends around Europe.

Today we walked across Dublin, literally everywhere. Temple Bar tonight, going to check out some of the pubs that me mates recommended we check out.

Not much to say other than don't worry about me. Email me privately if you want my mobile number, y'all. It'd be nice to hear from some friendly voices.

After Belfast, we're going to Galway, then down by Killarney to stay at Aunt Susie's house. We're doing two nights everywhere in a loop around the island; should be a helluva time. Wish us luck with weather, as it's been cold and rainy since we got here.

Hope everyone is doing well, as I surely am. Other than the cold, things are going great in Ireland. I find myself missing the weather from the south of Spain, however...

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